The Dark Heart of Burma's Drug Epidemic

by Democratic Voice of Burma May 28, 2015

Burma remains the second-largest poppy producer in the world, with addiction is destroying communities in villages across the country.

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Producer Democratic Voice of Burma(DVB)
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Year produced 2015
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Strypey says:
June 14, 2015

According to an NGO aid worker in Afghanistan, interviewed by Robert Fisk, the best way to solve the drug problems in these Global South communities is to "legalize the lost" in the Global North. Presumably because this would collapse the black market networks, which push into these far-flung communities looking for growers who can provide the plants they need, with lower chance of government intervention. Without the black market premiums giving them an incentive to grow opium poppies, farmers would shift back to food crops, and refined drugs like meth would no longer be imported in their communities to keep them hooked into growing for the black marketeers.