The Passing of Pip Starr

by Anonymous User — April 29, 2010
Pip Starr, documentary maker, video activist and great companion, passed away on Tuesday the 22nd of January 2008. Pip had worked closely with many of us within the EngageMedia collective over the past 10 years, from the days of Ska TV and Access News, S11, SpaceStation Video Lab, Woomera and beyond. He was often in our midst, he will be sadly missed.
The Passing of Pip Starr

Pip Starr

Pip produced an enormous amount of work during his time. He documented anti-nuclear, climate change, globalisation, indigenous and many more movements. Chances are if you see some iconic footage of Jabiluka, S11 or Woomera, Pip shot it. He was always in the thick of it.

In recent years Pip's film making grew further and he embarked on several large projects that took him around the world, documenting the struggle of works in the coffee plantations of Honduras to Carteret Islands of the Pacific, being flooded by rising sea levels due to global warming. Despite his prolific output much of this work is uncompleted.

For reasons many of us are still trying to understand Pip chose to take his own life, a life that still had so much possibility. His contribution was enormous and his departure will leave a great hole in the world of radical documentary film.