A Story of Human Rights Lawyers in Papua (English Subtitles)

by FX.Making June 05, 2013

Gustaf Kawer and Olga Hamadi talk about the work condition and their quest to uphold justice in West Papua. They received the Lawyers from Lawyers Award in Amsterdam on May 31.

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Duration 04:32
Producer Tapol.org, KontraS, Papuan Voices
Director FX Making
Contact write the producer
Website http://www.advocatenvooradvocaten.nl/
Year produced 2013
Production Company Papuan Voices
kawan dari timur
kawan dari timur says:
May 31, 2013

ada beritanya di sini juga >> http://tabloidjubi.com/2013/05/31/2-pengacara-papua-dapatkan-pengakuan-lawyers-for-lawyers-award-di-london/?fb_comment_id=fbc_422855744478688_2380141_422884977809098#

yerry says:
May 31, 2013

terima kasih atas link berita di atas ..

Andrew says:
June 02, 2013

No, the denial of human rights & genocide began with and is being fueled by the 1962 United Nations General Assembly vote that made West Papua subject to United Nations occupation in October 1962 and to the UN Trusteeship System under which the UN has appointed Indonesia to administrate the colony on behalf of the other UN members.
The media has failed its journalistic duty since 1962 to expose the UN Trusteeship duties which the UN legally committed itself to when it seized control of the colony by making General Assembly resolution 1752 (XVII); see article 85 and Chapter XII of the UN Charter. PLEASE correct this failure by the media.

Khuluqin Mahmudah
Khuluqin Mahmudah says:
July 17, 2013

Indonesian Moslem Solidarity for West Papua, Mengucapkan sukses dan selamat atas dedikasi 2 human rights defenders dari West Papua Sukses dan lanjutkan untuk membela hak hak kaum tertindas di West Papua,

Pace says:
July 28, 2016

Papua dalam Indonesia tidak ada kebebasan.