Possum Abattoir - Lenah Game Meats, Tasmania

by Huon valley Environment Centre August 09, 2012

Footage obtained by Animal Liberation NSW's Mark Pearson in 1999 of the Possum Abattoir in Tasmania. Run by Lenah Game Meats proprietor John Kelly. Possum's killed here for export to China for meat. Exports were stopped in 2004. Lenah Game Meats now wants to start again.

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Duration 06:44
Year produced 1999
ingrid platten
ingrid platten says:
January 03, 2011

absolutly cruel & horrific most are still alive & in agony when being thrown through that shute .This is totally unacceptable & totally unecessary.Do we need to lower our standards to those of the third world for a food supply>thius company should be ashamed of themselves & this story should be made more public to stop it

Stephani Taylor
Stephani Taylor says:
November 01, 2012

The Joeys have their heads bashed against something and then they are thrown in the rubbish. I saw a youtube clip on china and was disgusted thinking that this sort of practice could not happen here in Australia, do not want this to start up again. Makes me wonder how Lenah treat the rest of the game animals they slaughter for local consumption. I will be boycotting Lenah at the Harvest Market from now on.

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