ASIIK City artist profile: LoveHateLove

by The Inter Location Project August 24, 2012

ASIIK City is a festival organised by the Inter Location Project planned to occur in Melbourne (and a little bit in Sydney) across the months of October and November in 2011. The aim of ASIIK City is to bridge urban and community art practices between the two cities Jogjakarta, Indonesia, and Melbourne, Australia. LoveHateLove is a visiting artist from Jogjakarta involved in the creation of ASIIK City. He's a street artist, a Hip Hip MC, a puppeteer, a fixed gear rider, and powerful community agent. For more information about the festival please visit our website:

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Duration 02:42
Producer Tuff Guts and Teishan
Director Tuff Guts
Contact write the producer
Year produced 2011
Production Company The Inter Location Project
Distributor The Inter Location Project