WWF Film News No.1 (1956)

by Jamie McMechan August 03, 2012

While Australian commercial newsreels depicted the Royal visit and the Redex Car Trial, and ran stories such as New Guinea: Fuzzy Wuzzies Produce Timber For The World, the WWFFU made an episode of their own newsreel on the Margins Dispute. It was, it's narration said, "a campaign to put the real facts before the people". The strike ran from 23rd January until the 14th February 1956, and the newsreel was screened from early that year. In the Kombi van, the Film Unit, went out from the Sydney Branch to the suburbs, to Newcastle, Wollongong and Port Kembla, and then went down to the Melbourne Branch.

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Producer Jock Levy Keith Gow Norma Disher
Director Jock Levy Keith Gow Norma Disher
Contact write the producer
Website www.mua.org.au
Year produced 1960
Production Company Waterside Workers Federation Film Unit
Distributor Maritime Union of Australia