What's the point? (English Subtitle)

by Project Change! August 03, 2012

What's The Point? is the second documentary in the At Stake documentary series. The film gives a closer look at the practice of female circumcision in Indonesia. Although female circumcision in Indonesia doesn’t remove the whole part of the women’s clitoris and labia as in Africa, it is still widely accepted. The reason is to ‘clean’ the girl and prevent the girl from evil spirit that leads her to being promiscuous. Even today, many people are not aware of the threat from the practice. The film shows the chaotic beliefs and context behind female circumcision.

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Duration 22:29
Producer Nia Dinata
Director Iwan Setiawan & M. Ichsan
Contact write the producer
Website http://www.kalyanashirafound.org/
Year produced 2010
Production Company Kalayana Shira Films
Distributor Jive