Colony Collapse (Filastine)

by Nova Ruth August 24, 2012

'Colony Collapse' confronts the ongoing catastrophes that are the very fabric of our globalised economic order. The music video is filmed at sites of ecological friction - the faultlines of conflict between humanity and (the rest of) nature.

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Duration 04:57
Producer Grey Filastine & Nova
Director Astu Prasidya (aka Tooliq)
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Year produced 2012
Distributor Filastine
Tuqar says:
March 22, 2012

Music for change indeed! Stay hip, Nova!

Nova Ruth
Nova Ruth says:
March 22, 2012

everyone must do their best for a change. starting from the simplest. stay hop!

yerry says:
March 22, 2012

i like the scenes, suka banget nova..

Seelan Palay
Seelan Palay says:
March 22, 2012

Excellent production on the video! And it's a great song too! My favourite scene was the one in the middle of the road with all the traffic around :)

provetza says:
March 22, 2012


Andrew Garton
Andrew Garton says:
March 23, 2012

Colony Collapse and Die Antwoord's "I Fink U Freeky" ( are my two fav video's of all time! And I've seen a few :)