by SquatSpace April 29, 2010
SquatFest is on again in 2007! February 18, 2007 from 09:30 AM to 01:30 PM text "squat" to 0428 477128, by SquatSpace
WHEN? 7.30pm, Sunday February 18th, of course! (Same as TropFest.) WHY? By now you must know the slogan (all together now): "Because TropFest sux Corporate Cock!" HOW? SquatFest is off the grid! We will be utilising new battery-powered video projection technology, and sound will be simulcast on FM radio. Bring along a battery-powered radio and tune in!
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Entries are now invited for SquatFest 2007: by SquatSpace — last modified April 29, 2010
About Squatfest: SquatFest happens every year at the same date and time as TropFest. While the hopeful entrants for TropFest are fretting about whether they'll get the chance to move up a rung in the Hollywood Sweatshop, artists and activists from 'round Australia are living it up, projecting films and videos in an inspiring squatted venue. SquatFest began at the Broadway Squats in 2001, and has since made appearances at the Midnight Star Social Centre, the Sydney Park Brickworks, the Sydney Dental Hospital, and under the grandstand at Esrkineville! Our film programmes have toured to Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth, Germany, Newyork, Italy and Indonesia.