Camp Sambel gets ready

by Andrew June 15, 2010
EngageMedia is gearing up for Camp Sambel this week. Camp Sambel is a gather of more than 40 video activists from indonesia, East Timor, Malaysia and Australia. The camp is based on an open methodology with participants as peers running the workshops among one another.

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Yerry gets the show bags ready

Yerry packs the showbags.

Andrew and Yerry contemplate the schedule

Andrew and Yerry contemplate the schedule.

Men at Work

The Telcom men take a break from fixing the internet.

Cable Man

Laying new internet cables for Camp Sambel - apparently people have been stealing the good cable that goes to the venue, as such it had been replaced with various lengths of cheap cable joined together in an ad hoc fashion, resulting in a not very great connection. Hopefully this should fix the problem.