EngageMedia.org Upgraded

by Andrew August 26, 2010
EngageMedia.org has upgraded to the latest release of Plumi video sharing system, version 3.1. The upgrade brings a number of additional features and fixes, most importantly improvements to our "Callout" feature, better "transcoding" of videos and fixes to the Indonesian translation of the site. A full list of improvements in describe in the post.

EngageMedia is built atop the Plumi video sharing system. Plumi is produced by EngageMedia in collaboration with Unweb, it's an open source platform that allows you to set up your own video sharing site.

As noted, one of the key improvements is to the "Callouts" system. If you are looking for content for a DVD compilation, screening, film festival or crew for a production, "Callouts" are a great way to let people know. Hit publish to add one.

Version 3.1 of Plumi and the upgrade of EngageMedia.org brought the following enhancements.