CALL OUT: Australian protest footage for SBS documentary

by Barry Saunders April 29, 2010
We are producing a 50 minute documentary on protest for SBS, presently scheduled for screening in January 2008. Its focus is protest and dissent in Australia over the last ten years from an activist perspective. We are looking specifically at the global justice movement and the dissatisfaction with protest that came about after the perceived `failure' of the Iraq war protests.

Specific protest meets we are hoping to cover are:

  • Jabiluka, 1999
  • S11 in Melbourne, 2000
  • Sorry March, Harbour Bridge, 2000
  • CHOGM, 2002
  • Woomera, 2002
  • WTO Mini-ministerial meeting, Sydney, 2002
  • Iraq War, weekend of February 15th, 2003
  • Any Reclaim the Streets actions
  • Any other protests of interest

We are particularly looking for footage from an activist perspective, especially those acting as media on the ground. We are interested in media representation of protests, interaction with police and the logistics and rituals of protest. We would like to compare and contrast mainstream media and local media's representation of the events. All video formats are acceptable, but we are particularly interested in viewing original tapes rather than edited material. All footage used will be credited.

If anyone recorded free-to-air news broadcasts of these events we are also interested in hearing from you.

Happy to hear from anyone with material even if has remained locked away in a cupboard for years! Hoping you can help us document ustralia's global justice movement!

Contact Barry Saunders on barry ~AT~ or Sarah-Jane Woulahan on msrouge ~AT~

We're happy to discuss the project and are also on the look out for those who may be interested in being interviewed about their experiences.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you!

Barry Saunders and Sarah-Jane Woulahan