EngageMedia at the Plone Video Sprint

by Barry Saunders April 29, 2010
EngageMedia are currently in Budapest, Hungary coordinating a 'sprint' around Plone and video tools. A 'sprint' is when a group of software programmers get together and collaborate to develop shared technical resources, in this case better tools for distributing video online.
EngageMedia at the Plone Video Sprint


We're approaching the middle of the Plone Video Sprint, and the projects are starting to look good!

Among the things we got to:

  • Working Plumi buildout for Plone3.3
  • Indonesian translation for Plumi
  • Solid progress a new 'plone video suite'
  • Work on transcoding - splitting convertdaemon from the ATReal richfile framework
  • html 5 video tag support for ogg and h.264

More details of what we are up to at on the Plone Sprint wiki.

Also, check out this interview EngageMedia's Andrew Lowenthal did with Plone coder and co-founder Alexander Limi about the future of video in Plone.