presentation on Indigenous hearing loss

by damien howard August 24, 2012

A presentation at the NTCOSS (Northern Territory Council of Social Services) 2008 conference

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Duration 08:25
Producer Damien Howard
Director Damien Howard
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Year produced 2009
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Sphiwe says:
July 09, 2012

In the past 4 weeks there have been 4 fatalities as a rlsuet of youth suicide in the West Kimberley. The urgency for people with the experience of David Cole to visit the region is desperatley needed. I heard the radio interview on the A.B.C. and many of his recommedations need to be implemented asap. I myself can relate to what he described as I have experienced many traumas in my own life. There needs to be a means to an end . Many of these young men feel caught between 2 worlds and disconnected. They are surrounded and embedded in a modern society focused on the importance of being successful from a western perspective. In addition modern technology is attributing to lowering their communication skills . They lack access to country and culture due to numerous social factors facilitated by economic hardship and consistent parenting , due to inter generation issues.Our young warriers are calling out yet not talking we all need to start listening to their hearts , minds and spirits, in order for them to have psychological cushions in times of despair. Keep up the good work and I hope you can access funding to support your organisation . Kaya Kaya meaning good bye in my language Nyunghar.