Tutorial - Transcoding in Linux using AcidRip

by Musicman August 21, 2012
In this quick howto, I show how to transcode a DVD to EngageMedia specs using AcidRip in Ubuntu Feisty.


AcidRip is a GUI based DVD ripping/transcoding application written in perl. It is basically a wrapper for MPlayer and MEncoder. It is available for installation using Synaptic in Ubuntu and other package managers on other brands of Linux. If you would prefer to build it yourself, you will need Mplayer and MEncoder, lsdvd and acidrip.

Howto encode to xVid/mp3

  1. I am going to assume you have AcidRip installed correctly, since it's a largely easy and painless process on most Linux GUIs these days. If you only have the command line, use Handbrake.
  2. Once you have the DVD in drive, and AcidRip has started, hit the "load" button in the top right hand corner:
  3. Then, change the name of the file:
  4. You can change where the file will be saved to if you want (mouse cursor), then go to the VIDEO tab at the top (dodgy red arrow):