ILMU Festival

by EM News August 27, 2010
Australia meets Indonesia in the hip hop and electronic music festival.

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September 18, 2010 05:30 AM to
September 22, 2010 03:30 AM


Jogjakarta and Jakarta

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ILMU is a two day hip hop and electronic music festival bringing together some of Australia and Indonesia's finest music communities. A unique collaboration between the two neighbours, ILMU has invited four established Australian artists (Urthboy, Ozi Batla, Elgusto & Luke Dubs) from hip hop label Elefant Traks to perform and engage in workshops with the Indonesian community.

ILMU Festival

The main program consists of four workshops and two gigs at Jogjakarta National Museum (18th & 19th Sep). The workshops range from discussing independent music business skills, showcasing new trends in turntablism, explaining the ins and outs of electronic music production and a hip hop MC forum culminating in an open rap (cipher) session. The workshop room will have a sound system, screen and projector to fully engage the audience.

The two main gigs, ILMU Hip Hop (18th Sep) and ILMU Electronic (19th Sep) will feature performances from Indonesian and Australian artists. A special 'Warm Up' gig has been organised at SURVIVE!garage artspace on 17th Sep. All the Australian artists will perform a preview set as well as meet and greet the local participants.

The Australian artists will wrap up their stay in Indonesia with a trip to Jakarta. They will play with Kunokini at Ruang Rupa artspace on Tuesday 21st September and then run a music and English workshop with street children at the Puspita Foundation the following night.

ILMU in Indonesian means knowledge. The goal of the program is to share knowledge between Indonesia and Australia through music.

The program is run in conjunction with ASIALINK Performing Arts, The Volcanic Winds Project and Elefant Traks.

ILMU will feature EngageMedia's Nova Ruth and EM friend Kaho Cheung.

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