Press Release: Statement by Legal Aid Institute on Jakarta Attack

by EM News September 19, 2017

On Sunday night September 17, 2017 at about 21:00 to Monday 18 September early morning hundreds of mobs surrounded the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Jakarta/LBH Jakarta - The Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation/YLBHI) building, shouting terrible threats, stigmatized and unfounded accusations, and tried to enter, stoned and provoked, and tried to make unrest.

Meanwhile, dozens of people who have participated in #AsikAsikAksi (art performance, singing, etc.) were concerned about the dissolution of the historical seminar which was dissolved by the apparatus on Saturday 16 September 2017) were confined and persisted in LBH-YLBHI building.

LBH-YLBHI has repeatedly explained that there are no events related to PKI, police officers ranging from Menteng Police Chief, Central Jakarta Police Chief, Police Headquarters Chief Superintendent also Metro Jaya Police have conducted direct clarification, saw all materials, watched continuously and acknowledged and explained to the masses that there was no event related at all to the PKI or Communism. But the masses refused to listen and resist the authorities.

LBH-YLBHI expressed gratitude for the response and protection of the Police officers tonight, protecting colleagues inside the building, explaining to the masses about the actual events, asking the masses to disperse, control the situation and act decisively in enforcing the law and the constitution.

Clearly hoaxes or false news have been broadcast, propaganda of false accusations has been voiced, the instructions for attacking LBH are done systematically and extensively that this is a PKI show, singing genjer-genjer songs etc., when nothing at all, we are worried this is ridden by the parties who want chaos and riot.

LBH-YLBHI is home to the poor blind and oppressed, all groups complain and seek legal assistance. In accordance with the spirit of LBH, the principles of the rule of law and the code of ethics of the profession and legal aid, all accompanied indiscriminately, regardless of race, religion, race, political beliefs, LBH also accompanied the victims in stigma 65, those who were in no way affiliated with the PKI but became victims later.

LBH-YLBHI is also a space to meet, express opinions, discussions, and others as long as it does not conflict with Human Rights Values, Democracy, and Rule Of Law. All human rights victims come and get legal aid, LBH-YLBHI continues to fight for women's right to veil, accompanying victims of the Tanjung Priok incident, Talang Sari and many accompanying pesantren2 or religious institutions, other Islamic institutions.

With this, LBH-YLBHI also expressed gratitude for the attention, support and solidarity of colleagues, networks and friends who support and assist in their own way. This togetherness confirms us to continue to be strong and to fight with our colleagues in the midst of this Democratic Emergency.

So, like the struggle that has been done for 47 years, LBH-YLBHI sticking to the vision, mission, and values that fight for. Also invites all to continue hand in hand to fight for respect, protection, fulfillment of human rights, Democracy, and Rule Of Law.

Jakarta, September 18, 2017

Asfinawati - Chairman of YLBHI (0812 821 8930)
Alghiffari Aqsa - Director of LBH Jakarta (0812 8066 6410)
Muhamad Isnur - Chief of Advocacy of YLBHI (0815 1001 4395)