Melbourne Naked Bike Riders 2011

by EM News November 28, 2012

150 naked riders, young and old, covered in paint, glitter and flowers rode through the streets of Melbourne to campaign against oil dependency and promoting bike safety. This footage was shot in Fitzroy's Gertrude Street.

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Bike Right
Bike Right says:
March 06, 2011

How can this lot of eccentric nudists promote bike safety by not wearing full protective gear. Not only this I'm sure that they'd promote unsafe road use because of the distraction they'd cause... Maybe they should address their marijuana dependency first....

Neru White
Neru White says:
March 16, 2011

You won't get a comment like this on YouTube, well spoken! Cheers!

Abu says:
April 23, 2012

It's so sad that the rails to trails is being riuned by the natural gas industry. For anyone who hasn't been there recently it is such a sad thing to see. Not only are gas wells and pipelines everywhere along this previously wild area, the gas industry has also riuned the creek itself with a mini dam between Jersey Shore, and Ramsey access. They will be pulling water from Pine Creek. This area should have been kept as it was, will never be the same. Very sad

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