Forgotten Bird of Paradise - trailer

by fPcN interCultural August 24, 2012

British film-maker Dominic Brown travelled without the knowledge or authority of the Indonesian authorities in order to film Forgotten Bird of Paradise. The documentary provides a rare and moving insight into the forgotten struggle for independence that has gripped West Papua for over 45 years. It includes never before seen footage of OPM rebel fighters at their stronghold deep in the Papuan jungle, as well as interviews with human rights victims of the Indonesian regime.

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oki says:
November 10, 2009

Looks great, where can one get a full copy of the whole film? Is it available online?

fPcN interCultural
fPcN interCultural says:
November 10, 2009

I would suggest you keep an eye on From what I have been told by Dominic, is after a few more films festivals, it could be ready for general release early next year.

We will of course have a full length screen-able copy, here and on

aki says:
November 10, 2009

look forward to catching it. AFAIK it's not in any festivals in Australia atm, but if it's screening here please let us know.

fPcN interCultural
fPcN interCultural says:
November 10, 2009

What is life like in West Papua?
What do you know about one of our nearest neighbours?
Is this East Timor all over again?

Come and see the acclaimed film: FORGOTTEN BIRD OF PARADISE Directed, filmed and produced by Dominic Brown [U.K.] Secretly filmed inside the Indonesian province of Papua. This is the first and currently ONLY scheduled showing of this film in full in Australia!

Friday 27th November 7.30pm
United Church Hall, 37 St John's Road, Glebe, Sydney, Australia

Presented &Supported by:
Joe Collins & Anne Noonan, AWPA
Peter King, University of Sydney centre for peace and conflict studies
Doug Sewell, President Anabaptist Association Australia & NZ
Julie  Brackenreg, HopeStreet   Urban  Compassion  

andrewl says:
November 10, 2009

I didn't know that was on. Want to add it as an event listing to the site?

Barry Saunders
Barry Saunders says:
November 11, 2009

looking forward to seeing the whole documentary!

Aspen Wabiser
Aspen Wabiser says:
November 13, 2009

Copies of the film on DVD are available to purchase online at

They post to anywhere in the world and you get a free copy of the Merdeka music compilation for West Papua with it too

david Ohee
david Ohee says:
December 04, 2009

its not true film.. coz i stay in papua come n see the original of papua.. we let u to enjoy our rich culture. n i wish the movie maker.. go to hell as soon as posible.. JBU all

fPcN interCultural
fPcN interCultural says:
December 05, 2009


So you are saying, that Human Rights Watch & Amnesty International, to name only two international human rights organisations are lying too!

Everybody that has been there, knows about the mass killings, abuse, torture, disappearances, rape as well as the destruction & stealing of West Papuan's natural resources the Indonesian military and Government are responsible for!

You either come from another planet or work for the Indonesian military or Government.

Alex Hendrick
Alex Hendrick says:
December 05, 2009

There can be no doubt that Indonesia are committing acts of evil in West Papua. Lets not forget there are people in prison for 15 years for simply raising a flag, and with the Red Cross now banned it is obvious that Indonesia are stepping up their efforts to exterminate the Papuan race.

I have visited West Papua myself and was shocked and saddended to hear the stories of brutality, rape and murder committed daily by the Indonesian military against innocent Papuans. This is genocide.

I saw this film at a recent viewing in Sydney and it is excellent. It will undoubtedly scare Indonesia as they know now that the truth about the attrocities they are committing in West Papua is coming to the outside world. Let us hope that soon the international community will unite against Indonesia and help the Papuan people be free from the bondage of suffering.

Wallace says:
November 26, 2010

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SOBHAN says:
July 18, 2011