Aleta Baun

by yerry December 23, 2012

Aleta dan Mollo tribes were success in pushing out all marble mining companies from their Mollo land. Starting from 2001, their anti-mining movement attracted hundreds of indigenous women in defence of their scared site and villages around Batu Naususu mountain.

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Duration 19:28
Producer Yayasan Pikul
Director Mellu Nurmawati
Year produced 2008
Production Company Gekko Studio
Distributor Gekko Studio
Rosana says:
February 17, 2013

Oh, wow, I see, so I guess all the professional plreyas use the tension above 30 to make their smash more powerful, incredible.. And also to add more speed..Hmm.. But I thought racquets will break if they will make it above 30?

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