by Marni March 04, 2012
Featured Filmmaker: Heidi Douglas by Marni — last modified March 05, 2012
Heidi Douglas is an Australian filmmaker with an environmental bent whose work earned her a place among the Gunns 20 - a group of activists who were sued in a multi-milion dollar action by the Tasmanian timber giant, Gunns. She now runs film production company Dark Lake Productions.
Featured Filmmaker: Tan Kai Swee by Marni — last modified April 10, 2012
Videomaker Tan Kai Swee is part of Citizen Journalists Malaysia - a dynamic network of journalists bringing vital new voices and perspectives out of Malaysia. He tells EngageMedia what inspires him to get behind the camera
Featured Filmmaker: Nova Ruth by Marni — last modified July 13, 2012
Nova Ruth is a vocalist, activist, designer and entrepreneur who is committed to bringing Indonesian culture to a global audience. Together with collaborator Grey Filastine, Nova created a contemporary rendition of the Indonesian song Gendjer Gendjer. Here we talk to her about the song’s controversial history and what motivated her to give the tune new life.