Stand Against US Troops in the Philippines

by terry narcissan August 18, 2012

Migrant workers joined international campaign against United States military presence in the Philippines on April 15, 2012. Around 200 protesters, composed mainly of Filipino and Indonesian domestic workers, rallied in front of the United Centre Building, where the Philippine Consulate General is situated to condemn the planned re-entry of US military forces into Philippine soil.

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Producer terry narcissan
Director migrant workers
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Year produced 2012
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Ganika says:
April 19, 2012

Long Live Internasional Solidarity, For Terry Thanks you

yerry says:
April 20, 2012

thanks for this Terry...

chuck chunda
chuck chunda says:
April 21, 2012

Communist China does'nt seem to have freinds...only victims. even its own people are only victims. How many Chinese had to die for Mao's long march and why? If it treats its own like that,how do they treat those that they conquer? Do they give food aid to their freinds? If so why is their very good freind North Korea asking its enemy the USA for food aid??How much aid does China give the Philippines each year? Are the Chinese helping the Philippines to prosper? I think one needs to take a good look before we start to protest.

Billy Moschella Jr
Billy Moschella Jr says:
April 23, 2012

The U.S. soldiers that are gathering en masse in the Philippines are there to establish military bases as a staging ground. They are marching door to door to 'survey' ordinary citizens, and are terrifying the local clans. The cover story sold to us in the U.S. mainstream media is that this is about a dispute over territory. This is a sham. The troops have been sent to retrieve gold buried in tunnels as part of the Black Eagle Trust (Yamashita's Gold). As we see by this article, the Philippine people are taking to the streets to protest this. Russia and China have entered the region and are requesting that this force cease and desist. This all goes on while the American people are blissfully unaware of who and what their government really is.