West Papua Peaceful Rally in Jakarta

by Numbay Media August 18, 2012

On December 1, 1969, the Dutch Government announced the preparation for the formation of an independent Papua nation. Flag and song was first introduced. However, in 1963, the Indonesian Armed Forces annexed Papua through its Trikora Operations. Until this day, the people of West Papua continue to fight for their freedom. On August 2, 2011, Papuan students took to the streets in Jakarta to remind the public of their struggle, and they also welcome the International Lawyers for West Papua who began the Road to Freedom Conference in London on the same day.

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J.H. Werinussa
J.H. Werinussa says:
November 10, 2011

Beta cuma berdoa kepada Tuhan Yesus untuk menolong dan melindungi dorang jua basudara Papua Barat eee. Maju terus pantang mundur, ini waktunya untuk kebenaran dinyatakan. Dari beta J.H. Werinussa dan terimalah salam kebangsaan kami "Mena Muria" God bless you.