Eyewitness View of Attack on the Papuan People's Congress

by Numbay Media August 08, 2012

This is raw footage of Wednesday's attack by the Indonesian military and police on the Third Papuan People's Congress in Jayapura. The footage shows people dancing, soldiers closing in, and gun shots. The video was shot by several observers. The last sequence was shot while the camera person was hiding from gunfire. Police have now confirmed that five people were killed in the attack - human rights groups say it was more.

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Duration 02:26
Year produced 2011
Lorena says:
August 08, 2012

Your probably right that it was ccaolmcenpy and not willfulness. Yet I wonder about the fact that we were against entering the War before(with estimates of 95% opposed) but we were united after this attack. It's not unkown in Military history to provoke your enemy to strike first (to generate unconditional home support). Re; why we would sacrafice so much of the fleet I sugest two reasons. (a) when you provoke an enemy you don't control how they will react, they may have struck sooner then expected or with greater strenght. Alternatively the attack may have needed to be big to be beyond questioning. As Gobbels said "Tell a big enough lie and they have to believe you" .There were benifits to enter the war. It's not paranoid to believe that Goverments sometimes make sacrafices for the greater good nor is it myopic to sugest that there may be another explanation of history, quite the contrary. Pearl Harbour is an American tradegy either way you look at it. Thanks for the debate. You could've just called be a nut job but you took the time to explain why you think I'm a nut job and that's commendable. I suspect your right but i still believe the alternative is possible.

Sherlyn says:
January 07, 2013

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