Aboriginal Tent Embassy

by OceaniaNewsreal August 10, 2012

On January 2002, while the Aboriginial Tent Embassy celebrated its 30th anniverary, Aboriginal Elders led an action to reclaim the sacred totems of the Kangaroo and Emu from the Australian Coat of Arms. Ceremonies were then held to celebrate its return to Aboriginal peoples, and the coat of arms placed on public display in front of the ceremonial fire.

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Producer Bella Bella
Year produced 2002
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Anonymous says:
August 06, 2010

The present emblem of Italy or Italian coat of arms contain star which have five point and containing olive branch present on right side and oak branch present in the sinister side. Both these branches are tied together with a red ribbon and it is inscribed with words on it. The words inscribed are REPUBBLICA ITALIANA.

Arms Coat

andrew says:
August 06, 2010

I think when you say sinister you mean "left" correct? As in "sinistra" (left in italian). I was confused at first.