KAKI - Steps

by Anna Helme July 19, 2012

From the OK.VIDEO Jakarta International Video Festival 2007. This video was produced during the OK. Video Militia workshop in Pekanbaru, held at Labor Vocational School, which tries to develop vocational skills starting from the level of high school. The school has quite comprehensive audio-video facilities. What is also very interesting is that the school has developed the Labschool TV, a community television station focusing on the issue of education. Ten participants joined the week-long video workshop consisting of teachers, students, university students from the department of communication, and artists. 'Kaki" is a video on wastes and shoes, which represent the culture and characteristics of a person.

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Duration 13:39
Director Jefri Hunter, Hauza Syaukani, Oki Helfiska, Madun, Ino UIN
Website http://www.ruangrupa.org
Year produced 2007