Lingua Tour

by Seelan Palay August 25, 2012
Invitation to the EngageMedia's 2-week online video subtitling workshop tour in Indonesia.

Indonesia Lingua TourThis April, EngageMedia is travelling through Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta on a 2-week online video subtitling workshop tour and we'd like to invite you to participate!

In these series of workshops, we’re introducing Universal Subtitles, an exciting, new techonology for online video subtitling in the region. Universal Subtitles is an easy-to-use captioning and translation platform which is currently in use by organisations such as Al-Jazeera, TED and PBS NewsHour.

With the help of this tool, social justice and environmental campaigners across the region can collaborate, share and make use of video works like never before. You can see a great example of the system in action with the 'Love Letter to the Solider' video, which is now available in 8 languages.

This one-day workshop will guide you through the 3-step subtitling process, and introduce you to our Southeast Asia subtitling community.

By participating in this workshop, you can help communicate critical issues to a bigger audience, and have your own videos subtitled and shared more widely as well. Participating also allows you to attend an online video distribution strategy session, happening on the same day.

The Universal Subtitles workshops are held on weekends and limited to 15 participants. Video makers, activists, bloggers, journalists, students, translators, writers and those interested in social justice, human rights and environmental issues are preferred.

Please apply immediately via our
online application form.

Workshop dates
Jakarta: 31 March and 1 April
Bandung: 6 and 7 April
Yogyakarta: 14 April

For more information, contact our coordinator Seelan at

The EngageMedia team