Mama Kasmira Pu Mau (What Mama Kasmira Wants)

by EM News March 22, 2013

A Papuan cocoa farmer from the Indonesia-PNG border region had to leave her farm to work for a palm plantation when the village elders made a deal with a Rajawali Group company to sell her land. Every day Kasmira works hard under the boiling hot sun, clearing bushes for the plantation. However, she has great hopes for her three children.

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Duration 06:17
Producer EngageMedia, JPIC MSC, SKPKC
Director Yuliana Langowuyo
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Year produced 2011
Ananda says:
October 18, 2012

Deepest heart felt Condolence is extended from this part of the world. Mako Tabuni Please Do Rest In Peace. The stulggre you left will be restlesly carry on.Mako Musa Tabuni, one of the icon of hope and strength in West Papuans' strugle for Independence through Peace has been gunned down by the gutless colonial authority.The notion that the Indonesian Government have instructed special joint military, police and functionary groups in Papua can be supported from the facts that the military and other secretly armed functionary groups have stepped up operations in last two or so months against papuans and expatriates/foreigners. I infer that the instruction and operations by the Indonesian colonial authority against papuans is consequential effect of recent Genewa meet that review Indonesia's human rights records. Where it was reported as about 70 countries called for the Indonesian Government and the military authority to improve human rights in Indonesian and especially in Papua provinces and open Papua for free access by foreign journalists and other visitors.Indonesian's Marty Natalegawa the foreign minister was reported by one of Indonesia's own human rights activitist who attended the meeting as was very upset.Though it is not the first time, what happening now ( special operations in papua) is a translated form of Indonesian Government being very upset. I can make inferences now that the Indonesian colonial authorities will continue to be upset and hence will continue to suppress and murder the papuans until that day, that one day when Papuans will be free.Ignatius Mujijauw