Climate Emergency at office of Martin Ferguson

by Peter May 05, 2012

One of a series of actions across Melbourne organised by FoE Melbourne's Climate Justice Collective during a nation-wide day of protest at the Rudd Government's announced emission reduction targets ...

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Producer pc
Director pc
Year produced 2008
pc says:
December 16, 2008

Should have made it clearer that the Minister had decided discretion was the better part etc - police were not far away, but the office was closed for the day in view of the impending protest ...

jm says:
December 17, 2008

There you go. They were concerned that constituents might not be able to access their democratic representatives, so they shut down the office, and thereby prevented constituents accessing their democratic representatives.

A sad day for democracy in this country.

If you can't voice your concern to your local member of parliament about this, who can you speak to?

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