Ina Puken Tula Tuen Lewotana - The Woman Who Changed the World

by PEKKA >> Women Headed Household Empowerment August 20, 2012

This video introduces Petronela Peni, the first woman village head in Flores. Gender inequality in her customs made the struggles of Peni and her women colleagues difficult, but gradually she won the trust and support of her people. As a village leader Peni is trying to make breakthroughs in simplifying funeral and wedding rituals which have been financially burdening poor villagers.

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Duration 13:55
Producer Bernadete Deram
Director Petronela Ina Duli
Year produced 2008
kath says:
May 26, 2009

this was really interesting. I didn't realise these customs were in place. it was great to hear that some in the village were open to having a female leader and to listening to their ideas. perhaps things will change in the coming generations. could the village be responsible for the gifts to the grieving people - and could people from overseas contribute. there's a lot of craft groups who donate home made blankets etc. maybe craft groups could be approached to weave some fabric for sarongs for a village surplus to be allocated to people during grieving periods. or would this change the customs too drastically?

augustinus senda
augustinus senda says:
October 12, 2009

this is my first time seeing the video. I am very impressed and amazed with the fact that our people in Adonara have such an advanced thoughts, ideas and awareness of the equity in our society. As a floreness, I am truly proud of such a brilliance. This change must be promoted throughout the island traditionally bound by traditions and costums. Adonara has been an inspirative side since i was teenager, there. CONGRATULATIONS!