Surviving Amidst The Storm - Bertahan di Tengah Badai

by PEKKA >> Women Headed Household Empowerment July 30, 2012

Buton, a harbor city in South East Sulawesi became a location of IDPs from conflict in Ambon, Maluku during 1998-2000. Although most people in this area are living in poor condition, they have to share live with the IDPs. On the other hand, it is also not easy for the IDPs to live in the new area. They have to manage their new life in new and different areas with lots of difficulties. Women in IDPs have to shoulder more burden especially who have to taking care of family by their own, as well as dealing with their traumatized situation. Here is the story of Wa Dudu, wa Sahan, and Wa afiah.

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Duration 12:40
Producer Adi Nugroho
Director Anna Har
Year produced 2003
Production Company PPSW AV STUDIO