Carteret Islands 4min

by Pip Starr August 10, 2012

The people of the Carteret Islands are about to make history. They will not be the first people to lose their homes because of global warming. Rising seas, expanding deserts and changing weather have already displaced many, possibly millions of people. But the people of the Carterets may be unique, as they begin to abandon their atoll, one of the first peoples in the world to do so.

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Duration 04:05
Producer Pip Starr Pictures
Director Pip Starr
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Year produced 2006
Production Company Pip Starr Pictures
Distributor Pip Starr Pictures
traverser11 says:
January 24, 2009

wrote this poem. when i first heard that starr'd died. was living at irene, where indymedia's office had been. (we thought he'd o.ded) didn't post it nowhere then. afta went to funeral, well, couldn't. but now, unexpectedly ended up making docos and, thinking its important to share more than just our eyes:

make o bento
for the old soul to go home
fuck bro
all i got for you this poem

never too close
always soldered
so fucking solid
made art to act
face facts
fight back
eyes to catch
the slavers lash
& now you ash

thorn in the crown
defender of sacred ground
of you we’re proud
rough star come down

mechanical black
skin you earnt outback
kin with all activists
opening up cracks.
but now our country attacked
dozer tracks
smash us back
& now we lack
one more long the track

thorn in the crown
hurts your brow
wore you down
burden in suicide drowned

melbournes my home ground
grown up in protest crowds
when pip was catching sound
npa a silent clown
over rooftops of councils
with lense moon scented
in the dirt of sweatshop irene
he sewn seeds for dissenters
in image hooked them fishes
and let them out for the billions

look after our comrades
this ain’t a fucking tirade
just lets give back up
the same what he gave us
soldiers and artists
in solidarity
put your hands up

make o bento
for the old soul to go home
fuck bro
all i got for you this poem

if you wanna check more poems, they're at:
and films at traverser 11 engagemedia

andrewl says:
November 09, 2006

Great to see voices of people actually on the ground responding to this issue as it directly affects them. Amazing (and sad) to see the real impacts on such a remote community.