Kevin Buzzacott wins Environment Award

by Pip Starr May 02, 2012

Congratulations go to Kevin Buzzacott, who was today announced the winner of the Australian Conservation Foundation's 2007 Peter Rawlinson environment award for his work in highlighting the impacts of the Olympic Dam uranium mine.

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Producer Pip Starr
Director Pip Starr
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Year produced 2007
Production Company Pip Starr Pictures
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NoNukesAustralia says:
March 02, 2011

We find it so tragic that Pip Starr passed away.

We interviewed Kevin Buzzacott and tried to determine if he could have been affected by poison or some other horrible something or substance and Kevin did not know of any such deliberate death method.

However Kevin mentioned a friend claimed he was affected at a distance by an invisible "death ray".

We always view with suspicion deaths in the anti-nuclear or UFO or political conspiracy - political corruption arena.

Modern science could be a very materialistic religion like those of the Ignorance Ages, Inquisition, etc.