Reclaim The Streets 7

by Pip Starr August 22, 2012

Reclaim the Streets 7, March 1999. Hundreds of partiers in an ongoing Reclaim the Streets occupy several sites in Sydney, including the Eastern Distributor. Global Warming was still just a distant concept to most of us at this point in time, but by protesting about over use of the motor car we were obviously on the right track. September 11 was just another day on the calendar.

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Duration 16:46
Producer Michelle Thomas, Pip Starr
Director Pip Starr
Contact write the producer
Year produced 1999
Production Company Pip Starr Pictures / Radical Transmission Syndicate
Julien L
Julien L says:
April 01, 2009

Great works!!
I love the doco rts and also through the wire.
I really like to contact Pip.
The mail in the engagemedia and in Pip's website just does not work (

Anyone could help me out??

andycat says:
April 01, 2009

Please see

Julien says:
May 04, 2009

i have been chocked to learn about Pip Starr. i feel stupid now but thank you anyway.
I was trying to contact him to use some sounds of its docos through the wire and rts so I don't really know where to ask now.
I know the copyright is listed as common creatives but I just thought I should asked anyway.

Thanks for letting me know if you can.

andrewl says:
May 04, 2009

Hi Julien,
the cc license is a 'non-derivative' license which means you can't use a piece of the audio without talking to the copyright holder. If you email the EngageMedia contact address we might be able to pass you on to someone who knows how to get permission to use Pip's work.


Julien says:
May 04, 2009

Just did that, thanks for your help.