Through the Wire

by Pip Starr March 16, 2019

In March 2002, detainees of Australia's Woomera detention centre staged a mass breakout in a spontaneous and desperate bid for freedom. Aided by hundreds of committed social activists protesting Australia's treatment of asylum seekers in mandatory detention, the breakout captured the attention and interest of human rights groups around the globe. At the frontline of the breakout, filmmaker Pip Starr captures the raw emotion and urgency of the event to create a damning indictment of Australia's inhumane immigration policies.

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Duration 09:48
Producer Pip Starr
Director Pip Starr
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Year produced 2003
Production Company Rockhopper Productions
Lyell says:
February 12, 2011

Oh! This is powerful. How ashamed to be an Australian I am. I remember the events clearly and was disgusted by our persecutions of these victims seeking freedom. We must step up to the plate and honour, respect, give dignity to people less fortunate than us. Refugees must be treated humanely ** Stop the persecution ** We must give voice to the problem and collectively resolve issues so as to not damage these fragile people. An expedient processing system has to prioritized. Adults/Children are deserving of much better treatment. I was farmer once and cared for my animals in a better way than these people have been treated. Australian Government should be ashamed. I am. Thank You for bringing this video clip. Expose it to the world so we can be judged globally. We need to be responsible worldly citizens. Thanks Pip Starr

Antoine says:
October 18, 2012

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