What is January 26th?

by Plug In Tv November 07, 2017

In Australia, the significance of January 26th is deeply contested. While the majority of Australians celebrate this as 'Australia Day', indigenous Australians refer to January 26th as 'Invasion Day'. January 26th 2008 also coincided with the World Social Forum global day of action, which supported the making of this documentary, and highlights the globalisation of indigenous struggles against neo-liberalism and for Another Possible World in which indigenous knowledges, cultures, political autonomy and economic rights are respected.

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Year produced 2008
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Stanley says:
May 31, 2012

I've been listening on the radio to dissucsion about how the govtcan't afford to service the outstations with what Australians usuallyexpect from the government. When they set up the Flying Doctor Serviceand the school of the air no one argued that we can't afford to givepeople who go off and live in remote places in tiny family groupseducation and health services. We should all be pointing out what wrong with this perspective andwhat the slant that it has really is ie subtle official racism.sent by email by Maureen Magee

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