SLF 2010: Uncle Bob Randall - Kanyini: Indigenous Wisdom

by Plug In Tv July 30, 2012

Uncle Bob Randall speaks about "Kanyini", the principle of connectedness which underpins Aboriginal culture and provides wisdom for living in harmony with the Earth and all forms of life.

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Duration 24:11
Producer Peter Long
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Year produced 2010
Production Company Plug-In TV
joanna says:
June 06, 2011

Hi I am an ADult Educator in the south australian government and have been using "Kanyin" DVD as an education tool for White Privilege conversations. find it is an incredible learning tool and confronting for White people in the classroom especially government workers. at the end of the DVD Bob invites people to come visit him in Mutitjulu and I wonder if it is possible to get intouch with Bob. I have also read the book songman and as a singer/songwriter myself (well just learning) i have written a song inspired by Bob's story in Songman and I wondered if i could share it with him. thank you.
Joanna - Adelaide 0403356027

Cheryl Gaedtke
Cheryl Gaedtke says:
May 26, 2014

Hello, I am a student at University Sunshine Coast - Qld and I am currently role playing as Uncle Bob in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Societies. Our Lecturer has given the role playing to be based on the "land". I would love to be able to speak the words and hold the feelings that Uncle Bob would have if he were there in person. Is it possible to reach Uncle Bob and ask for some words that may convey his deep regards to Mother Earth? I offer my humble thanks if I could communicate this delicate and most serious topic to my peers as Uncle Bob would.

Kind regards

0428 408 227