Victorian Premiers broken conservation promises

by Peter Vaughan July 30, 2012

When the Premier is a liar who can you trust? In 1995 John Brumby was the leader of the Victorian Labor party then in opposition. In this clip from 1995 we see John Brumby speak with passion declaring if elected a Labor government would end all logging in High Conservation Value old-growth forests, end all export wood chipping in Victoria and move the logging industry completely out of old-growth forests and into Plantations.

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Duration 06:11
Producer John Flyn
Director John Flyn
Year produced 2007
Production Company FLYN'S PRODUCTIONS
Ryaan says:
August 08, 2012

Interesting result. From my quick count about 18,000 voted ALP first up and about 20,000 didn't!! The eltorctaee has become a mix of traditional & nouveau as can be seen in the booth patterns. The Libs only won one booth. Also, overall the Green preferences didn't do them any favours. At least the Libs stood this time and got something out of it. There is still a big question about Bailleau, sort of why bother'. You would think he could just bang on about the future costs on power and water from the DeSal plant and all the other stuff-ups. The shadow front bench is a bit too much of a shadow almost invisible!. So in November, imagine the Green vote might/will increase (with people peed off with JB) but the prefs won't follow, so we end up with more of the same.