EM in NY: Prof Z's Shout-out to EM

by Enrico Aditjondro August 22, 2012

Prof Patricia R. Zimmermann of Ithaca College and FLEFF spoke of EngageMedia's visit to Ithaca in October 2010 and gave rave reviews for EM's work in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

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Duration 02:58
Producer Enrico Aditjondro
Year produced 2010
Distributor Engagemedia
Alexandra Crosby
Alexandra Crosby says:
October 29, 2010

"EngageMedia is an absolutely ground-breaking project to create a curated space to collect and create campaigns and knowledge around social media projects, around matters of deep, deep significance in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific; from issues in Papua to environmental issues, of mining, to issues of avian flue, to issues of Islamic identities (pluralised) in Indonesia. They are an incredible international resource to really shift perceptions of one the largest Muslim countries in the world away from terrorism and disaster to think about on the ground issues that affect people's daily lives..."

Prof Patricia R. Zimmermann, Ithaca College, October 2010