EM in Ubud: Global Social Change Film Festival 2011 in Ubud, Bali

by Enrico Aditjondro August 04, 2012

From April 13 to 17, EngageMedia took part in the inaugural Global Social Change Film Festival in Ubud. In that week filmmakers and activists, including the Festival Fellows who are part of the EM community, took part in the screening, workshops and film production.

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Duration 06:39
Producer Enrico Aditjondro
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Website http://www.socialchangefilmfestival.org
Year produced 2011
Yogesh says:
July 21, 2011

Culture Unplugged Studios has now begun to organize the next film festival, ‘Spirit Enlightened’, which aspires to trace the spirit that has led the humanity through centuries & civilizations and is in the making of our future. The festival hopes to explore with you, ‘That’ which envelops to infuse & evolve the individual as well as collective being, expands our vision of time as well as place, enlivens our hearts, and enlightens our species to transcend the present state of being for the mystical new – the next state of supramental self. Lets observe & feel this divine/enlightened spirit in the moment of its performance, in the midst of humanity now and forever, through film-media.

1) Films on : Evolution of Consciousness; New Spirituality; Culture of Religion; Present Evolutionary Impulse; Emergent Scientific Perception; Vision/Ideas on New Being - Feminine, Masculine, Superhuman; Transcendent & Transformative Practices; Transpersonal/Gnostic Perception & Action; Integral Philosophies & Wisdom, Intimate Spiritual Experiences & Expressions; The New Pursuit - Love; The Powers - Within & In Cosmos; Enlightened Leaders, Systems & Designs.

2) Any form : films of any length (shorts and features)

3) Film projects which are open to non-exclusive distribution (online and/or broadcast worldwide).

4) Films which are in English or suitably sub-titled in English (films originally produced in regional languages are welcome). Multiple submissions welcome.

5) Entries for selection are required to be sent in DVD format only. Unfortunately, the festival will not be able to return the submitted DVDs. To facilitate customs procedures, the entry package from overseas should be labeled "Only for cultural purpose, no commercial value."

6) For festival participation, films must fit the festival theme and criteria.

7) All winning films are showcased under "Previous Winners" section of the site. A winning film can be removed after a minimum of two years since the date of winning, upon request. As the festival is bound to follow international fund transfer formalities, all requested documents for reward remittance clearance will need to be furnished by all winning films.

SUBMIT BY: October 31, 2011

SUBMISSION PROCESS: http://www.cultureunplugged.com/festival/submit.php