Bono: Australian activists find what they are looking for at the G8

by simo and co July 27, 2012

During the recent G8 summit in Germany a group of Australian activists present for the protests had the fortune to come across Bono. Unhappy with his meagre demands of the G8, at his willingness to sit down at the table with war criminals such as George Bush and Tony Blair to ask for a few scraps for Africa, at the credibility he gave to these illegitimate institutions and his use of the issues to further his thirst for power, the activists thought they'd have a few words.

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Year produced 2007
sam1 says:
June 23, 2007

How shameless. 5 people talking through eachother, asking all kinds of questions and in the moment Bono wants to respond to one of them, they don't let him finish his sentence, just tap him disrespectfully on the shoulder with the oneliner that kills the rational conversation (if it already started) "You are the living example of liberal kapitalism". Yeah, right. And then the other girl : "what about the other 99,.. % of the BNP?" Please, girl, wake up, if you'd ask that question to any government, you'd be laughed away immediately.
Persons like Bono diserve all respect from those who want to fight poverty and who want to fight for the environment. I'm sure he knows a lot more should be given, but to get into the pockets of the rich countries you have to ask what they think reasonable. What the use of asking 90% of their BNP and get nothing if you can ask 1% instead and get 0.7%?? Ofcourse a lot of people who want to fight poverty would like to see a poor artist singing under a bridge about how unfair this world is, that might be a lot cooler, but not one soul on earth will have a decent lunch more because of this.
Instead, Bono is the owner of a few "fair wage companies" in Africa, actively supports fair trade, the founding member of the Drop the Debt Campaign, is the founder of a lot of organisations to make this world fairer, has given hundreds of free concerts for Amnesty, Greenpeace and other benefitiary organisations which everytime doubles their memberships... And so on. I think respect is in it's place.
Carry on the good work Bono, we can shout all kind of things, to all kind of governments, but at least you have the power and ratio to sit down and talk with them and trying to get into their pockets, and you do it! Respect, man!

datakid says:
June 12, 2007

Fantastic work! a bit shakey at the start, but the sound and visuals are great - he even seemed quite willing to engage, until it got too hot...if only we could all have minders - they could save me from the Met cops :)

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