Hemp: The Ashford Trial (Trailer)

by Tara Jones April 22, 2014

Can we create a sustainable Hemp Building Industry in Australia? Klara Marosszeky, founder of the Australian Hemp Masonry Company, is working with farmers in Ashford N.S.W to grow hemp for building houses. Industrial Hemp can be grown organically and sequesters huge amounts of carbon, which can be safely locked away in buildings for a long time.

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Duration 01:44
Producer Tara Jones & Ange Wichmann
Director Tara Jones
Contact write the producer
Website http://hemptheashfordtrial.blogspot.com
Year produced 2011
no sound?
no sound? says:
November 16, 2011

there are sections of this video that have no sound...

Philly says:
November 21, 2011

Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thanufkl for your help.