We Can't Eat The Road

by Andrew Garton August 16, 2012

Bidayuh travel to the Bakun Dam resettlement scheme and hear from the resettled Kenyah at Sungai Asap about their experiences and see first hand the results of resettlement. They also meet with Iban at Rumah Agi who fought to retain customary right to their own land in the face of palm oil exploitation. Episode three of "The Dam" from the micro-docs series, Sarawak Gone.

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Duration 11:34
Producer Andrew Garton
Director Andrew Garton
Contact write the producer
Website http://sarawakgone.cc/
Year produced 2010
Production Company Toy Satellite
Distributor Toy Satellite
Rémy Koolschijn
Rémy Koolschijn says:
June 29, 2011

Powerful and poignant. Terrible to see that the situation over the last years seems to get worse rather than any better at Sungai Asap. Keep up the great work.