Conspiracy of Silence: Jaren and Jayden

by Ucu Agustin August 23, 2012

Jared and Jayden are twins. Both were born in the troublesome Omni Hospital in the outskirt of Jakarta. Due to maltreatment, the boys left the hospital with eye problems. Jared even lost his eyesight. The twins' mother, Juliana, has been campaigning for several years to get justice. The hospital has offered her more than Rp2 billion to keep quiet, but for Julia, justice is priceless.

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Duration 10:20
Producer Ucu Agustin
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Year produced 2011
Production Company Gambar Bergerak
Lorene says:
January 01, 2012

Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say thanks for he aneswr.