'Intervention Tour' Pts 1+2

by scott January 03, 2012

On the 1st of October 29 activists visited the community of Yuendumu, 290 km NW of Mpartnwe-Alice Springs, for a listening tour as part of the convergence on Mparntwe-Alice Springs to stop the Intervention. Once at Yuendumu the group was taken on the inaugural 'Intervention Tour' by Frank Baarda, the owner of Yuendumu Mining, one of the stores in the community. In this video Frank shows the group the Nest, the Government Business Managers compound, and takes the group in convoy out to the $200 000 fence that has built around the rubbish dump, a rubbish dump 5 km from Yuendumu.

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Duration 23:23
Producer wai
Website waiquarterly.wordpress.com
Year produced 2008