Tapak Kaki Baduy (Ekspedisi Indonesia Biru 03)

by EM News July 12, 2017

In Baduy Dalam, even if you are the owner of the tree, you are not necessarily the owner of the fruit that falls. Or, even if you "own" the land, you are not necessarily the owner of the tree. Even the land itself belongs to the indigenous. This episode record how the concept of ownership (property ), the anti-formal schools education system, and a very famous traditional taboo: forbidden to wear footwear and using means of transport.

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Duration 08:42
Producer Dandy Dwi Laksono & Andy Panca Kurnia
Director Dandy Dwi Laksono
Website https://watchdoc.co.id/
Year produced 2016
Production Company WatchDoc
Distributor WatchDoc - Indonesia Documentary Channel