Khaw Than

A film screening, outreach and engagement program to develop understanding of minority rights in Myanmar.

The relationship between Myanmar's minority and majority communities has become increasingly fractured in recent years, resulting in wide-spread fear, violence and a regional refugee crisis. Routine discrimination is a daily experience for many minorities, and despite the end of direct military rule, the situation is not improving.

To develop more understanding of minority rights issues in Myanmar, and to provide minority communities and activists with advocacy and education tools, EngageMedia launched Khaw Than (A Call in Need), a film curation, outreach and engagement program.

Featured below is a collection of the films from Myanmar (including one from Indonesia) that were promoted and screened as part of the program.

Read blogposts on the screenings conducted here:

In cooperation with the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and Open Society Foundations.

There are 10 videos available