by EM News July 13, 2017

Papuan Voices

EngageMedia’s Papuan Voices project is a combination of empowerment and production. We collaborate with church groups in Jayapura and Merauke to teach Papuan activists new video production and distribution skills so that they have the means to tell their own stories to the world.



Crossroads is a video advocacy initiative aimed at developing and strengthening the advocacy and documentation capacity of migrant workers, refugees and stateless persons and their support organisations.


Suara Baru

Suara Baru (New Voices) invited young filmmakers to create video stories in order to understand youth perspectives on the elections, its candidates, and ultimately their hopes and aspirations of 2014 Indonesia's Presidential Elections.

Confronting Religious Intolerance

Bhinneka Tinggal Duka? (Diversity Leaves Grief?) looks at the rising tide of religious intolerance in Indonesia. In 2012 EngageMedia partnered with a coalition of groups to run a film competition and produce a compilation of Creative Commons licensed videos and education materials for feminist, queer and diversity activists to use in their campaigns for greater tolerance.


Collaborating with Transparency International Indonesia (TII), EngageMedia launched 'Moviemento', a video project to train youth communities campaigning on issues such as gender, the environment, social development, and culture. The youth would then produce their own videos with their perspectives on corruption.


In partnership with Amara, we've enabled online subtitling of all of EngageMedia’s videos and are building a Southeast Asia network of human rights and environmental translators and subtitlers.


Migrant Workers Stories

In 2012 EngageMedia worked with Indonesian migrant workers and migrant worker advocacy organisations to build their capacity in video and online technologies. This involved a number of hands-on workshops in Kuala Lumpur and West Java. The result is an online and DVD compilation which you can access here.

Dispatches EM TV

EngageMedia content is now being screened on TV! We are broadcasting our new TV show called “Serangkai Kabar dan Cerita” on several local TV stations in Indonesia affiliated with our local and community TV partners.



ASTEKI, or the People's Television Association, together with and the Air Putih Foundation have an agreement to strengthen the TV network through enhanced ASTEKI IT capacity. So far ASTEKI members around Indonesia are using Youtube to distribute and store their videos online. But since June 2011 ASTEKI has had their own storage server which, like, is based on a Plumi system


Traveling Projector

In May 2014, EngageMedia traveled over 18 days across the island of Java, Indonesia, to screen social justice and environmental videos in 11 different cities. The Traveling Projector tour aimed to bring our online outreach offline -- directly to audiences to engage them in discussion on the issues highlighted in the videos.


Khaw Than

A film screening, outreach and engagement program to develop understanding of minority rights in Myanmar. The relationship between Myanmar's minority and majority communities has become increasingly fractured in recent years, resulting in wide-spread fear, violence and a regional refugee crisis. Routine discrimination is a daily experience for many minorities, and despite the end of direct military rule, the situation is not improving.