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  • Friends of Peoples Close to Nature (fPcN interCultural) is a non-governmental human rights organization that works in the field of indigenous peoples rights. The organization is dedicated to the survival, defence and support of self-determination of indigenous and aboriginal peoples, in particular hunter-gatherers.[1] fPcN states that these peoples are "the first nations and the last societies on Earth to have a non-exploitative relationship with the natural world", and fPcN defines their task as an organization in helping them to "preserve their unique cultures from enforced assimilation, the ideologies of 'progress' and 'growth' and from absorption into the global economy". The organization was founded in Germany, with several partner organizations having since then been established in different countries. The campaigns are carried out on a global level, giving support to indigenous peoples that range from East Africa to the Amazon to the Philippines. fPcN considers that, unlike other organizations working in this field, they oppose the pushing of any Western values and practices on indigenous cultures.


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    • 'Strange Birds in Paradise - A West Papuan Story'

      We are coming to Sydney June 9th - 15th for the Australia premier of Strange Birds in Paradise and I'd love to invite all to the premier (June 10th 6pm) and perhaps have a chat after. We are an independent film company and have completely self funded this doco, So we now need as much help as possible to get the film out there. Can you pass the rest of this email around through your networks so that we get a sel vCal iCal Read more…

      Come and see the acclaimed film: FORGOTTEN BIRD OF PARADISE Directed, filmed and produced by Dominic Brown [U.K.] Secretly filmed inside the Indonesian province of Papua. This is the first and currently ONLY scheduled showing of this film in full in Australia! http://www.forgottenbirdofparadise.net vCal iCal Read more…

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