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      • Indonesian Local Archives Project [LAP] 2009 by Nancy Mauro-Flude

        From February 2009 until July 2009 I was invited to be the Project Manager for the Indonesian Local Archives Project [LAP] initiated by EngageMedia. For the first phase of this large project, EngageMedia partnered with Kampung Halaman in February 2009. The second and third phase of the Local Archives project in Indonesia took place May 2009 at COMBINE Community-based Information Network, Resource Institution; Indones Read more…
      • EngageMedia Local Archives Project, Indonesia

        EngageMedia is currently undertaking a range of video distribution projects within the Asia Pacific region. One of our latest projects in Indonesia is aimed at creating four "local archives" for video makers to be able to store and share their work. This extends EngageMedia's online video sharing website to a more local and offline understanding of video distribution and community access sharing, that routes around t Read more…

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